Jessica Bellef portait

Photography by Sue Stubbs 

I am a Sydney-based stylist and writer who is a crackerjack at arranging props and words to great effect, contributing regularly to magazines like Home Beautiful and Inside Out.


Fascinated by the various ways we live, I love producing stories that delve into what makes individuals tick, uncovering how our immediate surroundings reflect who we are. I studied psychology and marketing at university and my interest in human behaviour underpins the work I produce today.

My debut book ‘Individual’ was published in 2019 by Murdoch Books and is available worldwide.


My time as Temple & Webster's founding Head of Styling gave me great insight into how creativity and commerce can converge in the homewares industry. In that position, I styled a heck load of scenes and wrote extensively on inspirational home styling topics. I was a lead creative who brought an element of inspiration to all communication channels, from email send-outs to sale concepts, to the award-winning blog.

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I am available to write or style, for magazines, brands, designers, and any other like-minded people who need a fresh hit of words or top-notch styling.  Get in touch!