Inspiration for creating a home that is

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"There are some books you wish you'd written and others that feel as if they've been written especially for you. Occasionally one comes along that stirs both emotions. Jessica Bellef's gorgeous new book Individual is just that."

Neale Whitaker, The Sunday Telegraph, October 2019


Individual is a visual feast of 15 quirky Australian interiors brimming with the personality of their owners, where the inspiration is not about buying more stuff but putting your personality into your place.

We all deserve to live unapologetically in homes that reflect who we are. Instead of a cookie-cutter approach, we crave spaces that make us feel secure and connected, nurtured and enriched. Individual journeys to fifteen truly unique homes that are authentic reflections of the people who inhabit them, from an art-filled city terrace to a magical seaside shack and a 1970s-era palace in the 'burbs.


Practical tips on such topics as choosing a palette, balancing function and style, and living better with 'stuff' show you how to imbue your space - whether a rented apartment or a cottage in the country - with the essence of you. Individual is a stunning reminder that you don't need a bulging bank account or an award-winning architect to create an authentic space in which you can thrive. 

Styling and writing by Jessica Bellef

Photography by Sue Stubbs

Published by Murdoch Books (2019)


Available via all good book stores in Australia, UK, USA and NZ

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