• Jessica Bellef

5 Done Right: Draped sofa

In this series, I pull together 5 images that give us insight into a certain styling topic that deserves a little analysis and explanation.

I'm rolling into my fifth week of lockdown here in Sydney and an appreciation for comfy seating and lounging is at an all-time high. It's coinciding with a chilly winter, which has brought evenings filled with hot cups of tea, wrapping myself in a blanket and sinking into the sofa.

Many of my recent pins on Pinterest have included living room settings with a blanket or throw covering the sofa. Maybe I am channelling the need for everything in my life right now to be about comfort and cocooning security. Or maybe I just like how throwing a piece of fabric over a furniture piece can completely change the mood of a room. But I digress...

Draping your sofa is handy if you don't love the upholstery, or if it's looking a little worse for wear. It's true it can look messy in an instant, but that's all part of the bohemian charm. It's loose, it's temporary, it's effortless(ish).

Scroll through for five examples of draped sofas, from the maximally embraced version of the idea to the neater take for those who live for organisation and tidiness.

Image by Miguel Flores-Vianna

1. Like cinching a boxy dress with a belt at the waist, the bolster cushions and the sneaky peek of the sofa's curve keeps things looking shapely.

Image by Joanna Maclennan

2. A little goes a long way. And in this instance, a slip of striped linen draped over the arm of the chaise adds just enough layer and pattern to the beautifully proportioned piece.

Image via Pinterest

3. Match your cushions to your coverall for a considered look. Double up on velvet in a lusciously deep hue to create a handsome setting with a whisper of reckless glamour.

Image by theirishaesthete.com

4. She's a little tired, a little unkempt. But you know what, she looks right at home and pretty settled in. No judgement here.

Image by Manolo Yllera

5. Neatly does it, with folded blankets and selectively placed softs. It's not quite a drape but it's sofa layers, nonetheless, for all of those Virgo neat freaks out there.