• Jessica Bellef

Brave New World

Remember the hype around Y2K?

As the year 1999 became 2000, computer analysts predicted that all IT systems would glitch out and cataclysmic upheaval of our society would ensue. Planes would fall out of the sky, banks would reset to zero and our long-life milk would explode all over our kitchens. Life as we knew it was, supposedly, doomed.

1999 was also the year I graduated from high school. While Armageddon preppers were anticipating a changed world, I too was facing a shift of my universe. The assurances that high school offered me would no longer exist and I had to accept my role as an 'adult’ in the ‘real world’. My braces were barely off when I gingerly inched through the university campus, unsure of myself and of my immediate future. I had no choice but to quickly embrace my brave new world; I dived in, lapped up the learning, and found my place.

Twenty years on and the same feelings fill me as the new year approaches. 2020 is going to be a year of change and development, I am one hundred percent sure of that. I will freelance full time as a photographic stylist and writer, no longer with a safety net of part-time employment. I am keen to jump into new working relationships, to flex my brain in different ways, and to forge shiny new opportunities as they glimmer in and out of my net.