• Jessica Bellef

Mood: Forever winter

So here's the deal. It's the middle of summer here in Australia, and boy are we dealing with the most deadly, most devastating conditions that our country has had to face. Bush fires are ravaging our land and the temperatures are at record highs. We have been in a dire drought situation for a very long time, which has created the fuel feeding the fires that have been burning for many months. It's an unprecedented emergency situation - people have died, homes have been lost and the amount of native wildlife killed is unfathomable (Read: The sheer number of animals killed in Australia's bushfires could collapse entire ecosystems).

I live in a very fire-prone area - in the middle of a national park - so I have been on high alert for months. The news imagery of firestorms and walls of flames, blackened trees and scorched earth, humans and animals crying for their loss, has been relentless. The whole of Australia is suffering. We need heavy rain to really soak the land and fill up the dams; we need the temperatures to drop and our climate has to heal. Until then, we are pretty helpless to the terror of fire. Carefree summer holidays of years gone by might soon be a fond memory.

I put together this mist-infused mood board as an escape from the heat. Rugged coastlines (English? Scottish? Nordic? All of the above), chilly climes and crisp salty air, where knits are layered with heavy jackets and there's a red wine waiting for you at home after your ramble.