• Jessica Bellef

Recent work: Still life freestyle

Creative freestyling is so bloody enriching and rewarding. When your job as a commercial photographic stylist is to respond to a client brief and deliver beautiful images within the (usually crazy) deadline, the pressure is on. You must create something that meets the brief but also exceeds expectations of what is possible. It can be a tough road to navigate. It's a test of not only your creative talent but also your ability to read people and communicate clearly with all walks of life. I love the collaborative process of answering a commercial brief and putting myself in other people's shoes but let's be honest, who doesn't love creating solely for the sake of creating.

I have worked with talented photographer Denise Braki for almost seven years. We have a good sense of how we both operate and the sorts of things we respond to. In the interest of keeping our photographic and styling muscles nimble and flexed, last week we made a pinkie swear. We would let loose in the studio more often, with no brief, no client, no end goal. Just playing with light, shapes, colours and textures, working with anything that has caught our eye in recent day to day travels. For these images, Denise had bought in a funky looking (and smelling) durian and we used a textured backdrop I had painted for our day-job. We squeezed this shoot into our lunch break (are we keen or what!) and the thrill of getting something, anything, out of the small-scale scene was super energising. Watch this space for more of our freestyling creations.

Photography by Denise Braki / Set and styling by Jessica Bellef