• Jessica Bellef

The secret to a truly beautiful room…

John Derian's Manhattan home shot by Stephen Kent Johnson
John Derian's Manhattan home shot by Stephen Kent Johnson

What's your definition of beauty? Is beauty in the eye of the beholder, or are there other forces at play? Can it be explained by mathematics, or does metaphysics shape our view?

The jury is still out on a finite definition of beauty, and if centuries of theorising and philosophising haven’t thrown us an answer, neatly wrapped and finished with a bow, then I am not sure a definitive response is surfacing any time soon.

Let’s assume that true beauty exists beyond the artifice. Ignore the mainstream standards (yawn, how predictable and boring they can be) and search on a deeper level.

I believe a beautiful person is such because they glow with a type of goodness, from the inside out. It’s someone who makes you feel safe, supported and accepted. It takes confidence to inspire these feelings in others, and I propose that the beauty of a room comes down to exactly that.


Just as a self-assured person can gift you with a view of a world never imagined, a confident room will transport you to another place or time, offering you a moment of reprise from the demands of daily life. It takes you by the hand and gently guides you through, never making you feel uncomfortable or forcing a path.

It asserts itself. Not to say it's demanding or obnoxious, but rather, it sends a pure message and it influences on multiple levels of consciousness. Maybe the statement is a bold one, or maybe its about quiet calmness. Whatever the intention, it’s done with full conviction and nothing wavers; moments of confusion are diminished. It’s mastered its language and has a cadence that is entirely its own.

Rhythms and melodies flow through without skipping a beat, like a beautiful song that soars.

A confident room just makes sense. Everything exists in harmony, which puts you instantly at ease. Everything has a place and purpose, inviting easy interactions and seamless transitions.

There are no unintentional elements in a beautiful room. It exists with surety.

The pieces of the space click together effortlessly because they belong together, like that satisfying moment when a jigsaw piece falls into line and the bigger picture reveals itself.

A beautiful room elevates you and imparts positive feelings. It's irresistible, engaging the five senses, weaving an intoxicating tale. Walking into a beautiful room is like gliding into a crystal clear ocean; it's a revitalising tonic that simultaneously grounds and boosts.

So how do you create a beautiful room? Forget the design trends and high-end homewares.

Instead, appeal to the emotions and let wellbeing and wholeness be your goal.

John Derian's Manhattan home shot by Stephen Kent Johnson
John Derian's Manhattan home shot by Stephen Kent Johnson