• Jessica Bellef

Time with... Emily Stephen

Glasgow-based woodturner Emily Stephen shared her Scottish iso-world for my Time With series on Instagram. The perfectly formed hand-turned pieces she creates are exquisitely minimal, and her elegant work has gained fans worldwide (including inclusion on an Elle Decor cover!). Follow Emily's beautiful studio updates here

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My home

We live in a tenement flat on the Southside of Glasgow. We walked into this room and fell in love with the place, it has so much character & light. We’ve kept our space simple & minimal, lots of whites & greys, art & plants. We wanted to let the traditional details do the talking. This is my favourite to space to hang out in and we’ve spent *a lot* of time in this room recently

My daily helper

I’d say this sums it up pretty well. Books, board games & cocktails. There’s also been a lot of life planning & dreaming, some drunkenness, some napping, several failed attempts at sourdough making, several better attempts at cinnamon buns, a couple of tantrums, intermittent bouts of fear & a general slowing down of life. Highs & lows for sure, but the books and board games have certainly helped.

My work

I’m a woodturner and I’ve been missing it. I work with characterful British timbers and hand turn minimal pieces, the ones shown in the photo are from an exhibition last year in Edinburgh. I also share a studio with my partner Jono @jonosmart who’s a potter, so I split my time between woodturning and helping glaze and fire the pots. I can’t wait to get back.

All pics courtesy of Emily Stephen.

Thanks Emily!