• Jessica Bellef

Time With... Harold David

Based in the misty Blue Mountains locale of Blackheath, Harold David is one of Australia's premier portrait and lifestyle photographers. You may have seen his National Portrait Prize-winning capture of Bob Hawke drinking a milkshake?

Harold recently followed a lifelong calling of conjuring worlds and atmospheres in another medium - paint (and sometimes mix media). The talented multidisciplinary goes from strength to strength with his abstract surrealist work, winning representation from galleries and establishing a solid practice with an epic body of work. His pieces, mostly large scale, are effervescent, engaging and deftly expressed.

To view more of Harold's work, check out the links he lists below.

Thanks for sharing your Iso-world with me Harold!

My home

I love between the hours of 4 am and 6 am before anyone else is awake. I’m alone, I write, I’m inspired and I drink coffee here in our kitchen nook

My daily helper(s)

And on the flip side, I couldn’t get through this time without my family! This picture was taken just before covid 19 hit Australia. Now on our daily walks, we pass by but do not stop.

My work

My studio is my spot to create work. Paint, edit photos and listen to music. My gallery @day_gallery_blackheath has my paintings for sale and harolddavid.com is a great place to view my work.

Images courtesy of Harold David.