• Jessica Bellef

Time With... Laura Baxter

In March 2020 I started a series on my Instagram account that uncovered how creatives all over the world were dealing with the unfolding pandemic situation. I asked each person to send me three pictures and an explanation that illustrated 1/ their favourite spot at home 2/ the daily helper that was getting them through each day 3/ their work and endeavours. From America, throughout Europe, and here at home in Oz, many beautiful people happily obliged and shared their iso-world with me. #timewithjb

Sydney-based multidisciplinary creative Laura Baxter is in command of her richly layered aesthetic. The illustrator, designer, photographer and consultant has worked all over the world, and for some huge design names here in Oz. She is incredibly lovely, to boot. Thanks for sharing your iso-world with me Laura!

My home

This is my favourite piece of furniture. These drawers hold all kinds of precious things; old photos, love letters, found objects including feathers, bones, seed pods and gum nuts. I also store my drawing pens, papers and small artworks here. They’re not labelled so it’s always a guessing game. I like to sit in this chair and scribble out illustration ideas. I’m so in love with my green wall, and of course, Mr Patches the cat!

My daily helper

Rest, running and my best friend Arkie.

I wake up early most mornings and go for a run. When I come home Arkie is here waiting to play tug-a-war with me and her latest toy, we have some cuddles and then plan the day together. She watches me while I have coffee. She reminds me to slow down and play a little.

My work

I am fortunate to be still working during this time. I am an illustrator, designer and photographer. I design logos, books and websites. I also work on illustrative commissions and photography for personal and or commercial use. I enjoy meeting new people and love the challenge of bringing someone else's ideas to life.

Images courtesy of Laura Baxter