• Jessica Bellef

Time with... Leila Sanderson

Melbourne-based florist Leila Sanderson shared her iso-world with me in March for my Time With series on Instagram. I have long been a fan of Leila's floral-soaked work and her glorious oversized rosettes, so I was excited to see her Time With contribution. As expected, Leila delivered eye candy. She is definitely worth a follow on Instagram if you are drawn to the beauty of nature.

My home

This is my favourite view in our apartment - from the lounge into the dining room/my workspace. It also shows my favourite piece of furniture - our 1960/70s velvet couches. A relatively new acquisition to this household, they were kept in the original owners ‘good room’ and never sat on!

My daily helper

Nature and keeping busy are getting me through the day! A walk in the morning with my partner around the local park, perhaps a bit of neighborhood foraging, cooking, talking to friends and family (who are all overseas) and making rosettes is a typical day for me at the moment. Today I also made ‘kettle bells’ for my partner with an old tote bag, plastic bags and sand!

My work

I’m a florist and maker. All floristry work is on hold for now - apart from in my own home! I also have an online business called Skinny Wolf @skinny_wolf where I sell things I design and make. The biggest sellers are ribbon rosettes. I have some available to purchase now but I also love making custom ones so get in touch if you’d like one! I have lots of beautiful ribbon in stock! I’m also working towards a group show I’m curating with 4 other creatives. I'm holding on to the hope that everyone will be wanting to celebrate when this is all over and so they’ll need flowers!


All images courtesy of Leila.