• Jessica Bellef

Time with... Marcus Hay

Back in March, during isolation, I started a series on my Instagram account that uncovered how creatives all over the world were dealing with the unfolding pandemic situation. I asked each person to send me three pictures and an explanation that illustrated 1/ their favourite spot at home 2/ the daily helper that was getting them through each day 3/ their work and endeavours. From America, throughout Europe, and here at home in Oz, many beautiful people happily obliged and shared their iso-world with me.

It was a way to keep busy while confined to my own home, but it was also an opportunity to share creative love and connectedness in a time when loneliness was rife. My thoughts are with those who are currently dealing with lockdowns and upturned lives.

You can check out #timewithjb on Instagram to get the full series in one hit.

First up: LA-based stylist and art director Marcus Hay.

My home

My favourite spot is my living room. It’s filled with light and my favourite things, A sofa from Norman & Quaine, one of the only items I brought from Australia 15 years ago. My collectables and plants which I am mad about, taking care of them gives me a sense of joy. Photo by Jonny Valiant.

My daily helper

Living in Southern California, I am lucky to experience some amazing flora and fauna and it grows in abundance here. At the moment in my garden, I have flowering jasmine. It’s such a comfort to me as when I was a child, our garden at home always had jasmine and it takes me right back to a nostalgic comforting place, An easier time perhaps? I miss Australia terribly right now and it’s difficult to be away from my family so I try and cut a little for my mantle so I have the smell inside also. I recommend everybody bringing a little of the outdoors in if they can during these uncertain times, It helps liven up a sterile environment and reminds us of our connection to the earth.

My work

Right now I am working on my layout for a new issue of my online project Curio www.curio.work Stay tuned. The latest issue out is Remnants, about an Artist called Carol Meese who works out of Virginia. My online magazine profiles creative concepts and folks in the industry and is a great source of passion and keeps me very busy during times like this, having a project certainly helps. I am also sketching and drawing a lot more, less work orientated subject matter, more things I love and are drawn to on a creative level.


Thank you for your contribution Marcus.