• Jessica Bellef

Time With... Tara Larnach

As the 2020 pandemic jolted us into a new existence, I reached out to creatives across the globe in the hope that they would share their experiences of the changing world. From America, throughout Europe, and here at home in Oz, many beautiful people happily obliged. I corralled the responses on my Instagram account under the series title Time With and have been sharing the responses here on my blog.

I asked each person to send me three pictures and an explanation that illustrated 1/ their favourite spot at home 2/ the daily helper that was getting them through each day 3/ their work and endeavours.

The series was a way for me to keep busy while confined to my own home, but it was also an opportunity to spread creative love and connectedness in a time when loneliness was rife. My thoughts are with those who are currently dealing with lockdowns and upturned lives.

Next up in my blog version of the series is Tara Larnach. Tara is the innkeeper at Simpson Cottage, a heritage building made out of sandstone blocks chipped out by convicts, located in Bundeena, in the stunning Royal National Park. Tara has updated the cottage in a beautiful history-conscious way, celebrating its century and a half with layers of interesting finds and storied pieces. It's a magical place to spend a night, perched upon a hill overlooking the azure ocean, hugged by the ancient green of the RNP.

Thanks for sharing your special cottage Tara!

My home

Choosing my favourite place at the cottage is impossible- it changes through the day as the sun moves and my mood changes. The common theme through all the places I’ve lived is a chair in a nook where I can soak up the sun- for every occasion really.

My daily helper

Family (who wish to remain anonymous) and linen; who else would you survive being in one place with for weeks on end? We can accuse one and other of cheating and recover from a bad loss (of monopoly or cards) quickly, without ruining relationships.

The linen products I design and make give me a reason to retreat to a room alone and get lost in a good audible book or podcast while I make something that will bring a stranger some joy.

My work

Officially I’m a wool classer but that career came to an end when I moved to Sydney and married a Bondi mechanic.

I rent out Simpson Cottage ( @simpsoncottage located in Bundeena) to people wanting to escape from their real life. We’ve renovated and styled the cottage to reflect its 150 years of history so it’s like a step back in time but all the mod cons like floor heating and running water.

I could be described as an escape artist and linen maker! I buy linen from Europe and make linen bedding and useful things and sell them all online. Both the cottage and linen allow me to escape from the dreary job as a secretary for our mechanical business in Bondi.

Images courtesy of Tara Lanarch